We are all God’s family because he created us. Family runs Unkl Moe’s. My family has supported me all the way and has been instrumental to me making it this far.

The name Unkl Moe’s is Ebonics for Uncle Moe’s, was created because I have been an uncle since the age of 10; having 8 sisters, I’ve been an uncle for as long as I can remember.

We, the Smiths, have traced our ancestry back to 1846 (before slavery ended) and found a rich and very productive history. My father’s great-grandfather was the first “free” Smith because he bought himself from his slave master. During his life he had 15 children, 10 of which were boys, including my grandfather. Then my grandfather attempted to top him, but only produced 12 children, also most of which were boys. However my father tried to reverse the trend having 11 children, but the majority being girls with 8.

Our family reunions/gathers sometimes totaled a few hundred people, hosted in a location selected at the end each previous reiunion. This is where I started to Bar-B-Que for the flock, which helped me to perfect my cooking skills. Back then my family was my critics because they had no problem telling me what they thought I should improve upon.

The Smith family hopes you take pleasure in your dining experience, and that it is an enjoyable one. We pride ourselves in giving the most delicious product possible, and the most pleasant atmosphere we can provide.

Lastly if you do enjoy your experience, please don’t hesitate to tell a friend, and if by chance you are not pleased, make sure to tell us and we will do whatever is possible to turn your experience into a happy one.

Thanks for your continued support and GOD Bless,